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REVIEWS from TripAdvisor:
“The line out the door says it all
– Reviewed  June 5, 2013
“Always a line out the door – that’s how you know this bakery is top notch. $1.25 for a chocolate orange roll that is positively heavenly. The breads are rustic with fantastic texture. Always worth the wait and so many choices that there is always something new to try to keep your tastebuds happy.”

“A bit of Europe in NYC” – 5 of 5 starsReviewed August 17, 2012 
“This little bakery is fantastic. Their individual quiche come in two sizes and are to die for–seriously. They have the best almond croissants, raisin brioche, and sourdough breads. Their tarts are authentic–the creme is absolutely perfect.”

“Excellent bread, Madeleines, pretzel and brioche5 of 5 starsReviewed November 9, 2011
“This bakery is truly a gem. The pastries are delicious. Not too sweet just right amount. Feels like being in a bakery in Germany Oder Belgium. It is very good. In particular the brioches and chocolate Madeleine.”

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“They go the extra mile”5 of 5 starsReviewed April 22, 2010, Trip Advisor
I took my boyfriend to New York on a surprise trip for his birthday and called in advance to arrange for the Silver Moon to do a birthday cake. The staff on the telephone were incredibly helpful and on the day itself they were great, they had gotten candles for the cake and brought it out at exactly the time I had asked weeks earlier on the phone, singing happy birthday. The waitress was really helpful and sweet and best of all, the cake was incredible and the coffees were great too. Everything is made on site and you can see the bakers working away, lovingly creating things as you sit outside in the sunshine. Highly recommended.

Through its large picture windows, anyone passing by gets a glimpse of the day’s golden loaves and pretty pastries . .Trust your eyes everything is as good as it looks.”
– Critics’ Picks Eat Out Awards – Time Out New York 

“There’s some serious baking going on at Silver Moon, a place that seems more Left Bank than upper Broadway. On any given day, you can watch Norell & her bakers turning flour into the bumpy loaves and buns and pretty tarts and cakes that line the racks like folk art. A lot of the cakes and pastries sound plain but plenty of them are complex and wonderful.”
– The New Yorker, Tables for Two

“Silver Moon Bakery has people lining up for morning coffee and still-warm croissants, or to stock up on home-made specialties like almond macaroons. . .”
– Robin Pogrebin, New York Times

“The croissants are unbelievable, and I wait, each day, to see what their special brioche will be!”
Dr. K.Lang

“the best baguettes since Paris. . .”
L.M., Manhattan

“. . . amazing Sacher Torte”
– R.N.T, Queens

“The wedding cake was perfect! Thank you.”
R. Delany, Millbrook

Silver Moon Bakery opened in November 2000, the first artisan bakery in the neighborhood in many years. This tiny bakery quickly became known, first for its baguettes, and then for its other breads: sourdoughs, whole wheats, ryes, challahs and many other varieties.  Its cakes, tarts and other sweets rapidly became popular, and then, its pleasure in celebrating the holidays spread throughout upper Manhattan.Through the work of baker/owner Judith Norell and partner Georgia Stamoulis the bakery has became a neighborhood institution. Customers say they can find it blindfolded by following the wonderful aromas which waft over neighboring streets.