Hot Cross Buns for 2015

Hot Cross Buns

Starting Wednesday, February 18th, through Easter Sunday, we will have Hot Cross Buns.

here is a video of us icing our Hot Cross Buns  Icing Hot Cross Buns

The fascinating history of Hot Cross Buns-
Even in ancient Greece, small spiced cakes were eaten on special religious occasions, Christian and pagan.  But in England, where the history of our buns begins, the practice staclrted in the 16th century; in fact, In 1592 during the reign of Elizabeth I of England, the London Clerk of Markets issued a decree forbidding the sale of hot cross buns except at burials, on Good Friday, or at Christmas. (The punishment for selling them at other times was forfeiture of all the buns to the poor.)  A 17th century text states: “Good Friday comes this month, the old woman runs, with one or two a penny hot cross buns.”

     Superstitions regarding bread that was baked on Good Friday date back to a very early period. In England people believed that bread baked on this day could be hardened in the oven and kept all year to protect the house from fire. Sailors took leaves of it on their voyages to prevent shipwreck, and a Good Friday loaf was often buried in a heap of corn to protect it from rats, mice, and weevils. Finely grated and mixed with water, it was sometimes used as a medicine. The English believe that hanging a hot cross bun in the house on Good Friday offers protection from bad luck in the coming year. It’s not unusual to see Good Friday buns or cakes hanging on a rack or in a wire basket for years, gathering dust and growing black with mold–although some people believe that if the ingredients are mixed, the dough prepared, and the buns baked on Good Friday itself, they will never get moldy.”

Located on the upper West Side of Manhattan, at the bakery we make cakes and tarts for festive occasions: dinners, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and anytime there are celebrations.  Beautiful to look at, even more delicious to eat.  Silver Moon makes 44 kinds of artisan bread and rolls regularly  – plus Mixed berry tart 001special breads on certain days of the week.  Seasonal cakes, tarts, breads and presentation challahs and brioche are a specialty. Since opening in November 2000, 
the award-winning bakery has gathered fans from far and wide.  Our famed granolas and celebration challahs are shipped worldwide.

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