“Silver Moon Bakery has brought the baguette back to Broadway!”
– Karen Hess, co-author, Eating in America

Silver Moon Bakery makes 44 kinds of bread regularly, as well as many different rolls – some daily, some on certain days of the week, some seasonally. We love to bake, and bread is our “staff of life”. We bake with fresh yeast, King Arthur bread flour, organic whole wheat, whole rye & whole spelt flours, plus “stuffings” for special breads. No additives, no preservatives, our breads are hand shaped and baked in small batches several times a day. We pride ourselves on being a true artisanal bakery, and love to experiment with new flavors and combinations.

Please consult our bread calendar below for more detail. 

All of our “white” breads are made with unbleached flour, and contain a certain percentage of organic whole grain flour (whole wheat or rye), which adds complexity to the dough. White breads are considered to have the most neutral flavor of all breads, and are the most neutral in terms of flavor of all our breads.



Of the three most common flours used in bread baking (unbleached, whole wheat, rye) whole wheat breads are widely considered the most popular among health breads; they contain the bran, vitamins and enzymes of the grain with a relatively neutral flavor. Our whole grain flour is 100% organic; some breads are made of 100% whole grain, and some have a small percentage of unbleached bread flour in them, which makes for a lighter loaf.


The oldest of the fermentation aids, “sourdough” refers to the flavor imparted by the wild yeast which produce fermentation and allows bread to rise. Many bakers pride themselves on the age of their starter, which gets refreshed daily; ours is almost 12 years old. Every location has its own wild yeast; even a sourdough starter will not transfer well to another place; the local wild yeast will impart their own character to the mix.

We like to make unusual breads; some we invented, some we researched. Each has a unique flavor and shape. We are continually experimenting to find the best and most interesting ones to offer.



Presentation challahs up to 12 lbs. can be ordered in advance; please call the bakery for pricing, and click here for challah photos.


Autumn Bread Calendar