Passover & Easter 2014


 Happy Passover, April 14!  ~ Happy Easter, April 20!
These two holidays are important Spring celebrations at Silver Moon Bakery. Passover celebrates the time when the Jews, slaves under the Pharoah, were freed by Moses (as told in the Book of Exodus). Easter celebrates not only the resurrection of Christ, but the coming of Spring. Brightly colored hats can be seen in Fifth Avenue’s famous Easter Parade, children roll decorated Easter Eggs on the White House lawn, families gather to feast together, the days are growing longer, the trees are beginning to bud, crocuses and daffodils appear. They are among Silver Moon’s favorite holidays, and we make desserts to celebrate both.

for Passover:

Orange Flower Cake
Orange Flower Cake

• Flourless chocolate cake – $32
• Chocolate Mousse cake, with almond dacquoise (flourless) – $32
• Orange Flower Cake – $32
• Fresh Berry, Sour Cherry or Apricot Tart – $30 (with matzoh meal crust)
• Fruit Bouquet Cheese Cake – $32
• Coconut or Chocolate Coconut macaroons -
$7.50 package of 5
• Italian olive-oil matzohs, plain, poppy, sesame or whole wheat – $16.50 to $19 per half dozen
See the coverage of SMB’s matzoh in the New York Times

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for Easter:

Chocolate Easter Egg Cake

• Easter Egg ~ $37 (feeds 8 – 10)
       Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry Shortcake
• Easter Egglet ~ Chocolate Mousse  – $7.50
Easter Puff Fish - $7 See the coverage of SMB’s Puff Fish in the New York Times
• Italian “Dove of Peace” Easter bread (Colomba di Pasqua) - $17
sweet bread in the shape of a dove, covered with sliced almonds for feathers
• Russian Easter Bread - (Kulich) – $15
sweet bread, filled with almonds, candied ginger, currants, topped with a candle
• Greek Easter bread (Tsourekia) - $15
round braid with 3 red eggs, which represent the Trinity
• Bunny Cupcakes – $3.60
• Bunny or Easter Egg Cookies – $2.95

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