Our cakes are based on European models -beautiful, delicious and richer than American cakes, but less sweet. We use the finest butter, eggs, flour and flavorings, each cake lovingly decorated by hand in a different manner. Our chocolate comes from Belgium, our preserves from Switzerland, our butter from Vermont. Our cakes are served on occasions from casual to formal. Our highly decorated special occasion cakes, designed in consultation with our pastry chef, have graced weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, christenings, bar-mitzvahs and memorial services. For Silver Moon Bakery, flavor always comes first.

Our cakes are available daily in 6″ size, feeding 6 – 10. We accept orders for larger sizes (8″ – 16″ diameter, 1/2 and full sheet pan).  Our cakes can feed up to 100 guests.

Call for more information.  212.866.4717