We offer round challahs, Il Bollo, honey cake and marble sponge cake, Harvest fruit tart, teyglach and rugelach

Doll shaped Pan de los Muertos, Spook cakes, cookies & Casper the Ghost Cakelettes

Bavarian Stollen, Buche de Noel (chocolate, chestnut or strawberry),   Sicilian Christmas bread & rolls, Russian cookies, Gingerbread Boy cookies, Special decorated cupcakes, etc.

Choc. Covered Strawberries, heart shaped everything: Decadence cake, Fresh Berry tart, red velvet cake, red velvet cupcakes, “Kiss Me” cookies, Linzer cookies

Easter Eggs – large (chocolate or strawberry), Bunny Rabbit Cakelette, Chocolate Mousse Easter Egglet, Easter cookies,  Italian (Colomba di Pasqua), Russian (Kulich)  & Greek (Tsourekia) Easter breads

Clock Cookies

Rhubarb Pie, Hamburger corkscrew rolls

We offer round challahs, Il Bollo, honey cake and marble sponge cake.

DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME ENDS and we make CHOCOLATE CLOCK COOKIES to ease your way into the autumn.

Chocolate Mousse, Decadence Cake, Chocolate-covered Strawberries, Berliner Pfannkuchen, Galette Des Rois

Cherry pie cake

Hamentaschen (poppy, raspberry or apricot)

Celebrating Dad with his favorite desserts

Celebrating Christ’s entry into Jerusalem, always one week before Easter. Many Hot Cross Buns are eaten on this day.

Celebration of the autumn Harvest, eating in an arbor decorated with branches & citrus fruits. At this time Challah is eaten.

Everything Pumpkin –  pumpkin pie, pumpkin /walnut bread, Pumpkin cookies, apple pie and  chocolate cream pie

Galette Des Rois, the traditional butter puff pastry with frangipane filling, and a special feve  inside.  Whoever gets the cake slice with the token inside is crowned king or queen of the day. A tradition since the 15th century, originally religious, now a fun-filled holiday.!

New Orleans style King’s Cake

Irish Soda Breads, Irish Tea Biscuits, Shamrock cookies, Irish Whisky Tarts

Brioche raspberry/choc. Coffee cake, Brioche Brkfst. Loaf, Rose Brioche special order only

Rainbow cookies & cakes

A traditional German beer & pretzel festival, Black Forest cake, giant pretzels (blezlens), vollkornbrot and Black Forest rye breads.

Star of David cookies, Suvganiot, regular & mini (Israeli jelly donuts)

Football cakes & cookies in team colors

Moon Cakes & Longevity Cookies

Flourless Chocolate Cake or  Chocolate Mousse, Cheese Cake, Sour Cherry or Fresh Berry Tart with matzo meal crust, Orange Flour Cake, Coconut Macaroons (plain & chocolate), Italian Olive Oil Matzot (plain, whole wheat, sesame or poppy seed)

Pain d’Epi, Gateau St. Honore

Rhubarb Pie