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“Classic French baguettes, both traditional and rustic, are properly chewy and crusty; a half-dozen varieties of sourdough bread, which are made with wild yeast, prove pleasantly tangy. Fragrant cinnamon brioches, buttery chocolate croissants, and lively apricot-raisin scones are complemented by vibrant fresh fruit tarts, napoleons, éclairs, mousses, and a mini chocolate fondant cake that’s as luxuriously decadent as a bonbon.”
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I haven’t tried the cookies, but the Bavarian pretzels, chocolate chip brioche, and sourdough are AMAZING!”- Mike L./YELP

“Breads and pastries that transport you to Paris” are the specialty of this “superior” UWS French bakery whose “delicious delights” – from baguettes to challah, cakes to macarons and frangipane tarts – always seem “fresh” “out of the oven”; locals who nearly “jump over the moon” as the “smells waft out to Broadway” warn “don’t be put off by cramped quarters” and “weekend crowds” – just join the fray and try to “get noticed” by the counter crew.- Zagat

It wasn’t until I turned gluten free during the last month that I begin to really miss the palmiers from silver moon. Its keylime tart, french apple tart, and lemon tart are on point, as well as the cheese breads only baked and usually sold out on fridays, but man, those caramel glazed buttery palmiers are out of this world good!- Bing Wang/ZOMATO

Throughout the day, bakers can be seen from the street, faintly veiled in flour, as they knead dough between a wall of breads and the towering four-deck oven. Miraculously, the roar of the industrial ventilation apparatus doesn’t cover the classical music or the French ballads that float through the bakery.-The New York Times

Sorry Levain, but I think Silver Moon Bakery is my new favorite in the city. I haven’t tried the cookies, but the Bavarian pretzels, chocolate chip brioche, and sourdough are AMAZING! The most flavorful pastries I’ve had in the city, with just the right amount of everything. I’m just grateful it’s a little too far away for me to go everyday -Elizabeth/YELP

My grandpa was a baker, so I like to believe I can find good bakeries, I tell people “it’s in my blood.” When I found this bakery, I made up my mind, after its sweet treats stole my heart, this is by far my favorite bakery in all of Manhattan!

They bake their pastries and breads fresh daily, and you can tell that they not only take time and effort to make a good product, but they also take pride in it too.

I am an absolute sucker for their Chocolate Almond Croissant. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night wishing it we’re morning and I were in the city to get one. Be warned, you might have to wait in a line first thing in the morning, but it’s SO worth it! – Mike S./YELP

This bakery has lots of fresh loaves of bread to choose from, in addition to some sweets and pastries. They’re very well known for their Challah Bread, so, I figured that was a good place to start. Now, I don’t really need a whole loaf of bread, so, luckily, they also offer Challah Bread rolls. The bread had a nice texture with an eggy and buttery taste to the dough. Now, Challah is pretty straight forward, and I’ve had my fair share of it. But I will say, that this was a pretty nice one.-Sprung on Food/MENUPAGES


Bobby Flay’s words of advice about the Silver Moon? Arrive early! Lines often form out the door — and for good reason. “The baked goods are delicious,” Bobby says. He picked up peel-away rolls, one of many yummy options at this shop that makes over 40 kinds of breads, along with tarts and other treats.-Food network

Fabulous scones (my fave is choco-wheat), croissant, brioches of various kinds, cinnamon rolls…

I’ll try to find any excuse or occasion to buy one of their tarts or cakes. Last week it was a scrumptious pumpkin tart. – Paola B./YELP


“There are bakeries that emphasize crust, and there are bakeries that emphasize crumb. I’m a crumb man myself, so that’s why I love Silver Moon Bakery. Not that its loaves don’t have a nice crisp crust; they just aren’t wrapped in those hardened carapaces that tear apart the insides of your mouth when you chew. And the Silver Moon crumbs: soft, dense, moist, with the warm aroma of real bread.”-Serious Eats

I asked if they use pre-ferments to make their dough, and the answer is Yes. They use a poolish. For those who don’t know what this means, a poolish is a mixture of flour, a small amount of yeast and fair amount of water that develops for a full day before adding more flour to make a dough. The “pre-fermentation” releases enzymes that eke out flavor from the wheat; it jump starts the process by providing sugars to the yeast added later. My respect for Silver Moon Bakery has “risen” even more. (When I began that sentence I did not see the double-entendre coming. Honest.)So there you have it. Daniel P./YELP

The ONLY place in the city that has somewhat edible — correction: DELICIOUS pretzels. I crave these REAL pretzels — soft, chewy, slightly salty. You can’t even call those things they sell on the street carts pretzels. More like makeshift boomerangs.

Also recommended are their tarts and apricot turnover pastry.

Seating is limited, and often the lines are out the door. However, they keep it moving along.
– Lily L./YELP

“The list of breads goes on & on & on. Please leave me an orange-chocolate roll (weekends only) and a Bavarian Pretzel. Oh, and a Challah roll.” – Paolo B.